Corn Festing

What a great way to celebrate spring that with a festival! I spent the weekend at the Museum of Indian Culture’s Spring Corn Festival. Some highlights:

Lots of dancing by native peoples in regalia. Head Dancer Robert SilentThunder performs a special dance in honor of the Museum of Indian Culture.

Native Dancer 2

The turtle I worked on the last few weeks found a happy, new home.Turtle in Hair

Two of the teaching tipis.


My little pink with her uncle, learning to throw the atlatl, an ancient hunting weapon.


Yes that’s me wearing gloves while demonstrating quillwork at my booth. Saturday was overcast and the breeze blowing off the Lehigh River was c-c-c-cold. Sunday was sunny and gorgeous.

Sue at the Indian Fest

Ante Up For Charity!

Red-Tailed Hawk CloseThese are the final days of the charity auction at Out of Our Hands, a shop of fine handcrafts in Emmaus, PA. I have my items on sale there, and I’ve donated porcupine quill earrings to the auction. You buy raffle tickets at $1 each and they pick the winners out of the hat this Friday, January 18, 2008. Call the store if you’d like to get in on the action. Artists have donated more than $1,500 worth of merchandise to the auction.

Proceeds from the raffle go to each of our chosen charities. My charity is Lehigh WildCare Wildlife Education Center. This nonprofit organization is near and dear to my heart as I have volunteered there over the past few years. As a wildlife educator I take non-releasable wild animals out into the public sector to educate people about wildlife and wildlife issues. Hence the red-tailed hawk pictured at left.

I have been involved in wildlife rehabilitation and education since 1996. I’ve worked with all sorts of animals over the years, from herons and owls to squirrels and rabbits to turtles and snakes, but one of my favorites is the red-tailed hawk. This beautiful bird inspired the name for my business. I’ll save the full story of how that came about for some other day.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve finally made the jump to the blogging world. For those of you, who have been to my web site before, you’ll notice a new and improved web site with blog component, plus a link to my Etsy shop. I’ll have horse hair jewelry, porcupine quill jewelry and fabric items up for sale in Etsy soon!

Hello world!

ID Horse Hair Bracelet on Sea Glass

I’m finally here, in the blogging world. After lots of encouragement from several people I’ve decided to take the plunge.

Although I’m by not means a techno-phobe, I’m usually a little slow to embrace new technology. I tend toward the skills that have been around for a while…things like jewelry making, embroidery and tanning. But here I am, ready to take you a wild adventure that is what I create.

My main business products right now are jewelry, specifically horse hair jewelry and porcupine quill jewelry. I plan to have them up on my Etsy shop soon so you can buy something new and exciting.

Plus I also create custom pieces. Click on the horse hair and porcupine quill tabs at the top of the page. For the horse hair jewelry, like this ID bracelet above, I use hair that a person sends me from their horse and create a very unique piece. It’s lot of fun for me and the people who get to wear always have a reminder of their horse around.