Holiday Jewelry Orders

The top bracelet is a Garden Gala Style bracelet with rectangular sterling silver clasp and pink/red bead mix ($83). The bottom bracelet is the Rapitorial style bracelet, which features an engraved nameplate and sterling silver lobster clasp ($95).

Well, we survived Hurricane Sandy! That was the worst storm I’ve seen in my many years here in Pennsylvania. Unbelievable, there are still homes in the East without power and many people have lost their homes, cars and other possessions. If you’d like to help these folks donate, contact the American Red Cross.

A week of kids home from school, no power and bailing out the basement, and I lost complete track of time. Did you know it’s November already?

That means it’s time to secretly harvest some hair from your friends’ horses and send it me so you can wow them this holiday season with some custom horse hair jewelry. It’s really a showstopping gift that’s perfect for any horse lover.

Since each item is handmade by me, I need time clean it, braid it, finish it and get a fine piece of jewelry back in your hands for gift giving. So keep these deadlines in mind:

  • Regular deadline for horse hair to be to me is December 1, 2012. It needs to be in my hands with an order form on December 1 so I can start on your order.
  • Orders received December 2 – December 11 that are needed by December 25 will include  a $30 per item rush fee.
  • All horse hair must be in my mailbox by December 11 for Christmas delivery.

Don’t forget to include the order form! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me.

Class Act

Class Act 01

Class Act 02The first day of June saw four friends come away from Out of Our Hands with handcrafted pairs of porcupine quill earrings. Above, Melanie and Ann Marie work on gluing and adding the ear wires.

I taught a Porcupine Quill Jewelry Workshop at the Emmaus, PA, store on Sunday, the first of many workshops to come at Out of Our Hands.

Each lady created a unique version of my single quill earrings with stone chips. We had a lot of laughs and learned a little about porcupines and porcupine quillwork while chatting about growing up in the area. Two of the women and I graduated from the same high school. We’re amazed that Emmaus has turned from the “boring” town of our youth to a quaint little place the people come to visit!

Shannon knots the thread before adding ear wires.

Class 04

Coryn threads the needle for one last pass through the beads.

Class Act 05

The women had such a blast, they want to take the horse hair earring class. I will be offering a Horse Hair Earring class at Out of Our Hands, as well, hopefully in July. If you’re interested in learning how to make horse hair earrings, contact me or Out of Our Hands to sign up. I’ll post more about the dates and times as the information becomes available. Click on my events page to find out more.