A Toast To Spring

Toast To Spring Opener

Raise your glass to spring! The first day of spring was on Thursday and now it’s Easter (already!). Time to look forward to planting seeds and being outside 15 hours a day.

To help you with your toast, I have a wonderful Peach Wine recipe that’ll give you a taste of the summer to come.

Recipe:Toast To Spring Wine Making

Add 15 to 20 ounces peaches in simple syrup to any white wine. Refrigerate for 24 to 48 hours. Drink. Yum!

In summer I freeze peaches in simple syrup (sugar boiled with water). Adding the peaches to the wine gives it a sweetness and a reminder of all the good fruits and veggies to come. If you don’t have frozen peaches in your fridge, I’m sure canned peaches in light syrup will work just as well.

Toast to Spring CookiesEnjoy the day!

3 thoughts on “A Toast To Spring

  1. Sue – I’m thrilled to have found this – sorry I didn’t notice your web address sooner. Joe and I have very fond memories of the bottle of peach wine you brought to us that nice summer day…yum!

  2. Sue, I saw this picture and remembered the awesome carafe you gave me and Joe that day. We loved this stuff – drank the entire jug in one sitting. Thanks for the great memory.

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