Sue Newquist

Who knew a purchase from a tiny gift shop in a Montana airport would spark  a new business venture?

That’s what happened in the mid-1990s when Susan Newquist found a barrette adorned with a simple 3-strand horse hair braid She bought the barrette, all the while thinking like any good craft aficionado, “I could make that.”

After her return, Susan dove into books on horse hair hitching and braiding and taught herself an art that spans centuries. Creating horse hair jewelry allows Susan to keep in touch with her passion for horses while exercising her artistic side on a daily basis. In 2004 she turned that into a business, which has been growing ever since as she creates custom pieces for horse lovers across the country and around the world.

Each product is carefully handcrafted by the artist. Nothing is outsourced! Susan carefully washes the hair and counts out each strand that goes into every piece of jewelry. Susan has put her own spin on the use of horse tail, creating a catalog of original jewelry designs that allow people like you to have a unique piece of jewelry and memorialize a close trusted equine friend.

In between custom orders, Susan experiments with new jewelry-making techniques and manipulates fabric, beads and found objects into new accessories. Her creations come out of her home studio in eastern Pennsylvania where she resides with her husband, two kids, dog, cat and fish tank full of critters.

Susan also teaches classes several times a year in horse hair jewelry, beading and the Native American Indian art of Porcupine Quillwork. For more information on classes see the Events section.

Susan is always willing to work with clients to create personal items that speak to their aesthetic. Drop her an email at Susan@RedTailDesigns.com.




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