Return from Sea

Treasures from the beach: shells and sea urchin spines.

Treasures from the beach: shells and sea urchin spines.

Last weekend was my annual girls weekend at Bethany Beach.

The key ingredients for girls’ weekend: no kids, no husbands, lots of wine, lots of coffee, lots of chocolate. little bit of shopping.

We women vent our frustrations about life, kids, husbands.  In the grand scheme of things, the five of us have nothing to complain about. We all have healthy kids, husbands who held down the fort at home with the kidlets while we let down our hair, and lots of friends and family who love us.

I think I found a shark tooth.

I think I found a shark tooth.

Still, once in a while it’s good to let it go, feel like you’re heard, and realize your are not alone in the vast ocean of trying to balance family, work/career, exercise, relationships and personal growth.

After the emotional cleansing, we went for the external cleansing with a dip in the ocean. A little salt-and-sand exfoliation.

Then I got my yearly ass-kicking.

You know the scene: you’re happily rollicking in the ocean when a huge wave knocks you ass over tea kettle and next thing you know you’re swirling around among the crabs on the shoreline. There’s so much saltwater up your nose and sand in your ears you can’t even worry if the cute lifeguard saw you make a fool of your self. The main concern: are all of your parts are still inside the swimsuit?

The ocean doesn’t care if you weren’t ready. It knocks you over and moves on to the next person. The ocean reminds us that there are still things larger and more powerful than us, than our internet connections, than our excuses.

I returned from the sea renewed and ready to say for the 20th time (with a smile on my face): “eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the table.”

Do what you can to get away for a weekend, a day, an hour. It’s good for you and those around you.